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Kitchen Tips: Hacks

I'm always looking for ways to make my time in the kitchen a little less of a hassle. During the hectic weekdays, cooking seems to be a lost art. I'm here to address the annoying things about cooking and coming... Continue Reading →


Working Retail: Part IV 

For two and a half years I worked for a big box retailer, a financially failing big box retailer at that. I started off as a cashier and gradually moved my way around the store and up the ladder until... Continue Reading →

Interview Tips: Common Questions and Answers

Interviews are possibly one of the most stressful scenarios you can encounter in your adult life. This is an instance where your potentially new boss is judging you, they are judging your character, your appearance, and trying to picture you... Continue Reading →

2017 Resolutions Update

I decided that once a month I will be giving you an update as to how my resolutions are holding up. I told you in my How to Start 2017 Off Right that I’m going to try to stay accountable for... Continue Reading →

My Advice: Dealing with Acne

I have mentioned several times on my page that I struggle with chronic acne and I have struggled with it since my early teens. Speaking from personal experience, acne not only affects your appearance but how you perceive yourself and... Continue Reading →

How to Properly Care for Your Bra

I am currently the Assistant Manager of a boutique that specializes in the sales of bras, one of the most common questions I am asked (other than to determine if they are in a properly fitted bra) is what the correct... Continue Reading →

Extra Terrestrial Territories

Chapter One It all started off as a typical Saturday morning. The only thing out of the ordinary was how early I got up that day. The sun had just started to peek through the blinds, the birds were beginning... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Tips: Cleaning

No one truly loves to clean and that is no secret. That's not true, some people love to clean and if that's you please come to my house. With that being said, I'm sure you have the sense that I... Continue Reading →

Clarisonic Hacks

In the past I have reviewed the Clarisonic Mia 2: Pretty Penny: Is the Clarisonic Worth it? In that post I told you how I felt, we all know that the Clarisonic is an investment with the initial purchase costing you... Continue Reading →

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