If one of your favorite pastimes includes shamelessly binging on makeup tutorials on YouTube then you are probably very familiar with this palette. Carli Bybel is an amazing beauty guru, I have been subscribed to her channel for years and enjoy every video she puts up. My favorite looks are definitely her iconic dramatic smoky eyes, she has an amazing knack for all things makeup and fashion as well. She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul, she has recently decided to go vegan and use only vegan and cruelty-free products as well. You can tell from her videos she is an extremely passionate, caring and loving woman who happens to be insanely talented, which is why she is one of my inspirations to dive in to the beauty community. With that being said let’s dive in to the review of her eyeshadow and highlighter palette she created in collaboration with BH Cosmetics.

In this review I will be talking about all aspects of the product including pros and cons of packaging, pigmentation, consistency, blendability, and price. I will include swatches and, as always, my honest opinions. So let’s get started with a 360 degree view of the product.



The palette is made out of a cardboard-like material with a magnetic closure. On the inside is a decent sized mirror with a quote that says “Aspire to Inspire.” Carli is very passionate about positive quotes, it’s very nice to see her personal touches within the palette. The packaging is very nice and is a main factor in keeping the price low. However, since the eyeshadows are so creamy they are fragile, which is why I wish there was a nice hard layer of plastic to help protect the product. Also if I am being picky I would prefer a larger mirror, but you do get a very nice view of your eyes with this mirror which is what’s important when doing your eyeshadow. My first palette that I received actually arrived to me broken because of the lack of protection the eyeshadows have, my current palette is beginning to crack as well and I have done no traveling with it: just from general use.

Rate: 3.5/5


The actual consistency of the eyeshadow is very nice and has a much more high end feel without the steeper price, which is what you typically expect from BH Cosmetics. There is not a lot of kickback when sticking your brush in the palette and no fallout when applying the product. Every single shade blends like an absolute dream with minimal effort while maintaining their great pigmentation.

The first shade in the palette is a matte cream shade that is great for setting the entire lid space before starting your eye look. My only critique of this color would be that it is not quite light enough for my pale skin. If it were just slightly lighter I would be in love with this color, even though it’s not a perfect match it is still a very nice shade and I use it frequently. I would swatch this color but it is so close to my skin tone there is no point.


The second shade is a shimmery pink with gold reflects that gives it a rose gold appearance. This color is great all over the lid, has a highlight in the center of the lid layered on top of a darker color, or as an inner corner highlight.


The third shade is a matte mid-tone brown with a slightly pink undertone. It is a great transition shade and very helpful when blending out other colors. Not only does this color look amazing in the crease and outer corner, but is amazing on the bottom lash line.


The fourth shade is a matte dusty lavender shade, it has a beautiful mixture of lavender, gray, and pink tones that compliments a wide variety of shades and looks. This would be a great transition shade for a beautiful burgundy, fall eye look or as a way to deepen the outer V of the eye.


The fifth shade is a matte deep burgundy, it is a great shade for the outer V, to make a soft winged liner, and on the lower lash line.


The sixth shade is very similar to shade number two just with a slightly deeper pigmentation. It is a little more tan and gold in color, still makes a very nice color for all over the lid or inner corner highlight.


The seventh shade is a shimmer that is almost pure gold, a great shadow to put all over your lid or in the center of the lid on top of a dark shade to add depth to a deep smoky eye.


The eighth shade is a dark brown shadow with a lot of gold shimmer, it is a great shade for that perfect brown smoky eye.


The ninth shade is a copper shadow with gold shimmer, another beautiful lid color.


The tenth and final eyeshadow is a matte deep brown shade with dark gray pigment. It is a beautiful blend between brown and gray and looks beautiful on the lower lash line, in the outer V, and as a winged liner for both dramatic and every day looks.


Overall every single shadow is pigmented, creamy, easy to blend, and very nice. The only judgement I have is that I wish there was a little more diversity in the palette. There is a lot of shades with gold shimmer, I would have liked to see some silver, copper, and other reflects in the shadows. In addition, if you’re not careful shades three and four as well two and six can look very similar when blended out.

Rate: 4.5/5


This palette not only includes ten eyeshadows but four highlighters as well. I love this idea, this would make traveling very convenient, all the eyeshadows and highlights you need in one place. However, as I said before I feel this palette could not withstand a large amount of travel.

Highlighter number one is a pinky shade with silver and a small amount of gold reflects. As with the shadows all highlighters are very creamy and easy to blend, this shade is beautiful on the cheekbones of lighter skin tones or as an inner corner highlight.


Highlighter number two is my favorite highlight shade, it is a champagne/rose gold shade that looks beautiful on a wide variety of skin colors on the cheekbones, the eye lids or the inner corners of the eye.


Highlighter number three is where the highlights start to go downhill for me, this shade is a light copper color with gold reflects. It is a beautiful color that would look great as a highlight on deeper skin tones but on my skin tone, it personally does not work. I do not mind this shade being in here at all because it can also be used as an eyeshadow. But it is very similar to eyeshadows seven and nine.


The fourth and final highlighter is a deep brown shade with gold reflects and could never in a million years be used as a highlight shade on me, I have used it as a bronzer though and it adds a nice glow to the face. It would be beautiful on deeper skin tones, but does not work well on my very fair skin. Yes, it can be used as an eyeshadow but it is identical to eyeshadow number eight.


Rate: 4/5


Overall this is a great, high quality palette at an affordable price, on the BH Cosmetics site it retails for $20 USD but is regularly on sale at $14.50. I love this palette, I love it so much I purchased it as gifts for my two younger cousins. I truly adore how she created her palette with all different skin tones in mind and each shade can definitely work from the very fair to deep skin tones. Yes there are a few shades that are too similar for my preference, but still an amazing value for the quality and variety you get within this palette.

Final Rating: 4/5

Link to purchase this palette: http://www.bhcosmetics.com/eyes/carli-bybel-14-color-eyeshadow-highlighter-palette