Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you’re having a great day and looking forward to the weekend. It’s December 2nd and it is starting to feel like Christmas that is for sure,  the temperature is dropping, all of my decorations are up, and my bank account is dwindling away… There’s some foreshadowing for you, if you would like to know if the hefty priced but highly coveted Clarisonic has changed my life, grab a snack because I feel like this might be a long one, and continue reading.

In this review I will be giving you a description of my skin type and issues, how the Clarisonic has affected these issues, the product claims and if I believe them to be true, and overall is it worth the price. The beauty community has a tendency to blow up with certain products seemingly overnight, about three years ago the Clarisonic was one of those items. It is still a highly talked about product, they continue to release new versions of the Clarisonic, and are very much still relevant. I have owned my Clarisonic for nearly three years, so I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of how it works so lets get in to this review.


I started developing acne at a very young age, around 12 I began to have small but consistent breakouts. As I got older, more hormonal and developed in to my teen years my breakouts got worse. I started becoming overwhelmed with way more whiteheads and blackheads, but it was primarily around my chin and nose area. I was extremely oily and did not know how to properly care for my skin so I thought using a harsh acne cleanser, toner and spot treatment (with no moisturizer) was the only way to ensure no oil because no oil meant no breakouts. Wrong. So very very wrong. This in turn caused my face to produce more oil which led to more clogged pores and more breakouts.

At 16 my dad decided to take me to a dermatologist, when I came in I believe they said my face was about 60% covered with acne. We discussed my options which were antibiotics and retinol treatments with salicylic acid. It is very important to this story to know my initial appointment was in the spring. I continued using gentle cleanser, my retinol, moisturizer, and antibiotic every day for 3 months then I went back for a checkup. That’s when the lady says “I’m glad this is working out for you because you’ll have to be on this for the rest of your life.” The last five words of that sentence scares the crap out of 16 year olds no matter what the context is.

I continued on with my regimen, my face when from 60% covered to maybe 5% with one or two active breakouts, it worked great until fall hit. For the first time in my life I became dry, I mean full blown alligator skin, when I smiled my skin tore. I continued with the routine only adding a very thick and heavy night cream paired with argon oil. I remained dry, nothing was working and in combination with that I began to get cystic acne and breaking out in places I never had before (forehead, jawline, cheeks). If you are not familiar with cystic acne, they are huge, mountainous pimples that hurt, you pair that with my dry skin and I was miserable. I stopped all use of acne treatments and focused on getting my skin back to normal. It was around this time that I bought the Clarisonic Mia 2, I was desperate, it was very popular online, and I needed something to help my skin.


When I was first using the Clarisonic my main concern was if it was going to be gentle enough to help with the texture of my skin and not agitate it in any way. When you buy the Clarisonic it comes with the attachment for sensitive skin (and a cover to protect the brush head) that is the only brush attachment I have ever used. I was very surprised at how gentle it was, it very smoothly glides over the face and removed the dead skin. It allowed my moisturizers to absorb better and in no time my face was rejuvenated. Shortly after I had gotten rid of my dry patches, my acne began to resurface which I knew would happen because cleansing brushes extract impurities from deep within your pores. I was hoping that after consistent use the acne would begin to dissipate, it did not. It felt like in no time I was back to having heavy breakouts.

I was discouraged but it wasn’t anything I wasn’t use to. So I began researching and a lot of people were saying that cleansing brushes are not good for acne prone skin because they are designed to bring all impurities to the surface and when you have chronic acne there is always stuff that needs to be pulled from your pores. For about six months I stopped using it and my acne got worse, substantially worse. I had more breakouts than I ever had and would say my face was covered by 70%-75%. My boyfriend asked me if I was using my Clarisonic and I told him no, he proceeding to convince me in to trying it again and that night he bought me a new brush attachment. Now it has been almost a month and how does my skin look?

My skins texture has improved, I forgot how smooth it makes your skin feel. Also my acne heals much faster, I maybe have one or two active breakouts and my dark spots are diminishing. However, I do not use the Clarisonic every day, I decided to use it every other day and when I’m not using it I wash my face with my hands and an acne face wash to help treat everything that the Clarisonic brings to the surface.


Removes dirt, oil, and makeup up to six times faster than hands alone.

I would have to agree with this claim, there are two speed settings for you to wash your face at. The first is much for gentle and the second is a little more intense, both allow the brush to maneuver over your face much faster than your hands could ever do. Even if I remove all of my makeup before I get in the shower, the brush head is still covered with makeup after I’m done.

Great solution for pores

I’m assuming this means reducing the size of pores, I do not really have an issue with enlarged pores but a few right around my nose have a tendency to be bigger than average and I have noticed some diminishing but I don’t feel like I have a big enough issue to make a complete assessment.

Great solution for acne and blemishes

This is a tough one, I want to say yes because I think this product improves circulation and cell turnover of the skin which results in my blemished drying out and healing quicker with no scarring. On the other hand, if you’re acne prone this device is constantly bringing all dirt, oil, makeup, and bacteria to the service. Which results in constant break outs and is why I have to use an acne cleanser every other day to treat the issues that the Clarisonic brings to the surface.

Great solution for dullness and uneven texture

The Clarisonic definitely helped bring my skin from painfully dry back to normal, there is no doubt in my mind about that. I also find that it reduces the darkspots that can be leftover after acne has disappeared, so I agree with this claim as well.


My Clarisonic has been through it all with me, we began our journey together with my extremely dry, sensitive skin and now that my skin is normal and acne prone, it’s safe to say we’ve been through it all together. I truly enjoy this product, I love how soft, smooth, and clean it makes my skin feel without irritating it or drying it out. The only thing  I do not like is if I’m going to pay $170 for a cleansing brush I want it to handle my acne, I shouldn’t have to use an acne cleanser every other day to treat what is brought to the surface. In all honesty, I don’t mind using the cleanser to treat my acne, I’ve accepted it as something I have to learn how to deal with.

Yes this product is expensive but let’s put something in to perspective; I no longer have to use the treatments my dermatologist prescribed 5 years ago, those medications were over $100 a month. In less than two months of ending my prescription I had the Clarisonic paid for, so in my opinion, based on my experiences: the Clarisonic is worth the pretty penny.

Rate: 4/5