Out of curosity do you prefer a real tree or a fake tree? My parents have been separated since I was a very young age and my mom has always had a fake tree but my dad always had a real one. One of my fondest holiday memories as a child was going to the lot with my dad and we would find the fattest, fullest, fluffiest tree they had and bring it home. I just love the experience of finding the perfect tree; it’s cold outside, possibly snowing, we always went at night so we could see all the Christmas lights on the drive there and back. It’s just a beautiful memory that I want my future children to have one day. 

Right now my Christmas dream is on hold, my boyfriend and I moved in to a new house and the rental agency prefers us to use a fake tree. Which leads to my second question: why is it so hard to find a tree that’s not prelit any more? So I had to give up the real tree and the painful process of stringing the lights as well? It hardly feels like Christmas! 

Just kidding, I’m definitely in the Christmas spirit and my house is fully decorated. My Christmas shopping is all done too, which is the earliest I’ve ever been done. Sorry if this seems like one big, giant Christmas ramble. I guess I’m just trying to prelude to the Christmas candy prepping that begins next week… Stay tuned!