About four months ago I decided to cut off my hair, I went from having hair down to my tailbone to a cute asymmetrical shoulder length lob. To say that I love it is an understatement, but the hair decision was about a year long process. Our society allows a lot of things to define us, one of the most defining features is our hair. I feel that young women are often lead to believe that long hair is beautiful, so of course my goal was to have as long of hair as I could. After having long hair I realized that I don’t have the time to style it, the weight of it would give me headaches, and it wasn’t worth the troubles any more. So if you’re considering cutting your hair, I have some topics you might want to think about.

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Go To Someone You Trust

When doing something drastic and new with your hair, that is not the time to switch salons and try someone new. Having total and complete faith in someone is key to having confidence in any situation, including your hair. So save yourself the stress and anxiety and wait for your salon to have an opening before venturing out into unknown waters.

Open Communication With Your Stylist

My stylist is absolutely amazing, we worked together for a short time and developed a pretty good relationship. I can always count on her to message me back and ALWAYS gives her honest opinion. During the decision making process of cutting my hair I would send her pictures and ask which ones she liked, because she’s a professional and I trust her opinion and also because she is a friend.

Ask For Opinions

If you are as indecisive as I am, input from others is vital. I think that the overall reaction from the general public when you mention cutting your hair is, “Nooo! Don’t ever cut your hair!” That’s why go to your closets friends and family members or significant others and discuss your ideas with them. I can’t tell you how many pictures I showed my boyfriend before I finally decided to get my hair cut or how many times I mentioned it to my mom. The people who are closest to you will often tell you to go for it, remind you that it will grow back, and offer advice.

Be Picky

As I said, the decision to cut my hair was a year long process. Don’t feel like you need to rush in to anything it is YOUR hair. I searched countless hours on Pinterest and Google Images, analyzing and deciding which parts of the haircut I like. If it is going on your body you have the right to be picky, don’t settle for something you are not completely satisfied with.

Bring a Picture

When going for a change with your hair that may be a little scary, be very specific and what is more specific than a picture? Don’t feel awkward, stylists love knowing exactly what their clients want, they can’t read your mind! If you like picture A’s length, picture B’s layers and picture C’s bangs: bring in all three pictures. Try to get multiple angles of the overall hair if you can, so it can be illustrated exactly how you want the front, sides, and back to look.

Consider Your Hair Type

Everyone’s hair is so complex and there are endless possibilities of hair texture and thickness. If you have long, wavy hair consider the fact that when you cut it, the end result will look different than if cut wet. Wavy and curly hair will shrink as the hair dries because the curl is developing, so try to find pictures that match your hair type or ask for your length to be cut dry and then dampen to add layers. Another factor to consider is the dryness or oiliness of your hair, when my hair was long it was so dry and damaged from so many years of growth. I was constantly deep conditioning and using hair masks, after cutting it off my hair was almost reborn. It was so soft and not at all dry, the shampoo I used on my long hair made my short hair look oily. After removing the split ends and damage, the hair will become so much more nourished.