It’s time for those New Years Resolutions, people! We all have them, we all start them, and most of us abandon them: but not this year. I’m going to be here to help you (and myself) remain accountable for the promises we are making ourselves and be sure to carry them all the way through 2017.

Purge Your House

If you know there is an unopened box of cookies in the pantry that is going to interfere with your weight loss, donate them to a food shelter. If you know you’re going to come home from work and watch Netflix instead of go to the gym, cancel it. Trust me, if there are rice cakes in the pantry instead of cookies you will eat them and if you have basic cable instead of unlimited show possibilities you will be more active.

Get a Planner

Yes, we are kicking it old school. My advice to anyone who has goals they want to set or wants to become organized is to purchase a daily planner that spans the entire year. In my planner I write down pay days and when bills are due, but I also include things like birthdays, special events, vacations, and daily menus. Every week I go through and write down what the meal plan is for supper for each particular day, that way we don’t have to think about it, there’s no bickering, supper is already figured out. This also helps when generating grocery lists so you know exactly what ingredients you need for each day.

Set Regular Goals

Whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly set goals for your resolution journey and write them down in your journal. If your goal is to walk 15,000 steps a day, document your goal and what your achieved each day so you can monitor progress. Being able to see your goal and be reminded of it constantly as well as put what you achieved right beside it causes you to be accountable for either not reaching or excelling past your goal.

Start a Routine

When a new element to your lifestyle is added, it throws off your routine. In order to help your resolution stick you need to find a place for it inside of your current routine. Take the time to sit down and take a look at your current schedule so you can figure out where your resolutions will fit. If you don’t have the time to make a healthy meal every night, look in to meal prep, make ahead options or crockpot recipes. Determine when is the best time for you to go to the gym so you can make arrangements for the kids, supper, etc.

Create a Budget

Even if your New Years Resolution isn’t to get your finances in check, this is a good thing to do any way. The number one New Years Resolution is to lose weight, but eating healthy, gym memberships, work out clothing and equipment can get very expensive. Let’s say your resolution is to travel more and to have new experiences, but that isn’t free! So go ahead and fill out your monthly income, your monthly expenses and include the expenses from your goals in there, don’t let anything stand in the way of getting what you desire!