In life there are two kinds of people: snow bunnies and beach babes. And I am definitely a beach babe, just minus the babe part and smoking hot body, I like warm weather and sunshine! So being a beach bum at heart has made living in Missouri most of my life very difficult. I’m no stranger to 2 feet of snow, 3 inches of ice, sleet, hail, tornadoes; I’ve seen it all and I’m here to tell you why winter is the absolute worst.

It’s Cold

No, Californians, I do not mean 60 degrees cold. I mean that from November through February the high is maybe 35 degrees. This winter was pretty mild compared to what I have experienced in the past, but today the high was 12 degrees, not including windchill. It’s nothing to dip into negative temperatures, plus the constant wind, it is awful.

It’s Dry

My lips, my hands, my legs, my hair, everywhere on me is dry. The skin around my knuckles are cracking and has caused flare ups of my eczema and psoriasis. I’m constantly pouring lotion on myself. And I can’t forget the best part, sometimes it gets so dry that I need to turn on a humidifier or else I’ll get a bloody nose. Fun.


Not only is it a major travel inconvenience, it gets everywhere. You track it in the house and then you have random puddles all over the house. The snow mixes with dirt, gravel, and grass and all of that gets tracked inside. When it’s snowing the flakes tend to float anywhere they please, down your shirt, all over your glasses, your hair. Oh, I can’t forget that as the snow melts it turns to slush and then it creates a bunch of mud everywhere. So that’s nice.


Ice is so dangerous, sometimes you can’t see it when it’s on the road and it takes nothing for you to slide in to the ditch. It’s also dangerous if you’re walking, ice is so easy to slip and fall on and break a bone. And don’t get me started on icicles because they make me so nervous.

My Car Is Filthy

I know, why would it bother me that my car looks like a giant dust ball? But it does, it drives me crazy. The combination of ice, snow, and the chemicals used to clear the roads turn your car into a grimey mess and can cause premature rusting too.

My Toes Never Warm Up

I swear, in November my toes freeze and do not thaw out until March. No matter how many socks I wear, shoes, slippers, or how warm it is in my house: my toes, fingers, and my nose are always cold. Which is refreshing for my boyfriend who is always hot, but annoying for me.


When it starts to get cold, deer start running, almost everywhere you look there is a deer. One of my greatest paranoia’s about driving is hitting a deer, during the winter that possibility becomes much higher. Now if you live in a more populated area and do not have to worry about that, I envy you. But coming from someone who spent 90% of her life in a rural area, my brain is conditioned to always check for deer.

There Ain’t No Sunshine

This isn’t just part of a song, it accurately describes winter. There literally is no sunshine. The sun does not rise until about 7:30 a.m. then it starts to set at 3:30, and the 8 hours in between is completely cloud covered. It’s gloomy, cold and it sucks.

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– Mackenzie