I have a picky eater on my hands, no he’s not a toddler, he is my 27 year old boyfriend. He is convinced he hates vegetables of all kinds, flat out refuses to try them because 20 years ago he didn’t like them one time. Now, this man loves everything I cook, so why would I cook a bad vegetable? There are so many ways to enjoy vegetables and I’m sure 90% of the ways he has tried them has come from a can. He’s getting older, approaching 30, obesity runs in his family. As any loving partner would be, I’m concerned. So here is how he is eating vegetables and doesn’t know it.

V-8 Juice

Whether it is in my chili or chicken tortilla soup, I use Low Sodium Hot and Spicy V8 juice. When he first realized that is what I make it with, I swear his face went white. He would never have dreamed he would ingest that stuff, let alone completely love it.

V-8 V-Fusion Juice

This stuff is a true miracle for anyone who doesn’t like vegetables. It is a juice that tastes like a fruit blend, but actually has a mixture of fruits and vegetables in it. His favorite is Red Radiance, a delicious watermelon guava flavor. It is sweet, yet tart, much like a watermelon Jolly Rancher. He truly loves this stuff, I just can’t let him see the back of the label; he’d go through the roof if he knew there were carrots in that juice.


It might seem strange that a person who hates vegetables would eat fajitas, but he loves peppers and he loves anything that’s spicy. The only catch is he wants the peppers to be almost minced, completely microscopic little pieces. Yes, it is super annoying and time consuming. But I really want him to eat vegetables so it’s the price I have to pay, to save time I often dice them up ahead of time because we have fajitas once a week.


This is the biggest line of deceit I have done and if you’re reading this: I’m so sorry but I’m doing what’s best for you! So one day I decided to take all of the left over vegetables we had and cook them down. I boiled tomatoes, carrots, green peppers, onion, jalapeno, and garlic in a little seasoned water until completely tender and water reduced. Then I stirred in a whole bag of spinach added some seasonings and olive oil and let it cool. After it cooled completely I added it to a food processor and turned it into a green paste. I divided the mixture into a muffin pan and froze it. He saw this when he came home and freaked out, I told him it was pesto for me and to leave the kitchen. Now I add a chunk to almost everything I cook: spaghetti sauce, pizza, buffalo chicken, rice, pork chops, you name it. He hasn’t detected it yet, so please help keep my secret!
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– Mackenzie