Life is hectic, I get it and that last thing anyone wants to do after working all day is come home and spend an hour in the kitchen making supper. I have some tips on how to make a good meal faster and much easier.

Prewash Produce

We go to the grocery store every two weeks, on the day that I go shopping I leave all of the fresh produce on the counter and wash it all at once. Making the time to rinse everything off allows for easier snacking, and is one less step you have to take when packing lunches or preparing meals.

Precut Produce

This step goes along with washing it, after it is all nice and clean go ahead and cut it up and store it. No one wants to grab a whole head of broccoli when looking for a snack, so go ahead and cut it up. Also if you know you’re going to be having fajitas or another recipe that requires a lot of chopping that week you can prepare those vegetables as well.

Precut Options

Many grocery stores offer a variety of pre-chopped fruits and vegetables. Sliced, minced, chunked, whatever you prefer they have it prepared for you. I even noticed the other day that they have fresh garlic peeled and ready for purchase which can be a real time saver. There is also canned, minced garlic that I like to have in the fridge for whenever I’m in a real pinch.

Crockpot Meals

I love crockpot meals, the thought of putting ingredients in and coming home to supper is completely amazing to me. Whether it’s soup like chili or chicken tortilla soup, or your protein like chicken or pork loin, or an entire meal like a pot roast, the marvels of a crock pot never cease to impress me.

Freezer Meals

The Sunday after I do my shopping is the day that I take to stock up my freezer with meals. Normally I prepare BBQ chicken, BBQ pork chops, buffalo chicken chunks, and taco seasoned chicken and place them all in freezer bags. If you do not have time to set aside a whole day to making freezer meals, just make extra of everything. Every time I cook chili, pulled pork, or chicken tortilla soup, I always make way too much for us to eat in one sitting and freeze most of it.

Leftover Night

This is one of my favorite nights because it serves two purposes; you don’t have to stand in the kitchen for hours, everyone pops their desired meal in the microwave and it cleans out the fridge. At the end of every week I sift through my fridge and determine if I have enough of something to freeze it or if I’m forced to throw it out. If one night a week is the dedicated left over night, it makes it easier on your wallet and easier on your chore list.

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– Mackenzie