Okay, so I’m a little late posting this, like almost a whole month, but I’ve done some thinking and I definitely have some beauty resolutions for this year.

Clean My Brushes More

Clean brushes are essential for anyone who uses makeup, not only for antibacterial purposes but to ensure that eyeshadows, blushes, and highlighters appear in their true color. If you have layer upon layer of various shadows on your brush, it’s going to affect the color payoff and shade of the shadows you want to use. No one looks forward to cleaning their brushes, it is a time consuming process and takes forever for the brushes to fully dry. Plus you have to be very gentle with how you lay out the brushes to dry, if they are not smoothed out they can be ruined. I definitely want to set up a routine so I am washing my brushes every Friday night, what an exciting way to spend a Friday after a long work week.

Try New Face Products

Since I have sensitive and acne-prone skin, it is very easy for me to get stuck in a makeup rut when I find something I like that does not break me out. Certain foundations, primers, and concealers have reacted badly with my skin in the past so I have ruled them out indefinitely. I have finally found a skin care routine that I feel can handle the challenge of trying new makeup products, so I want to put that to the test this year.


I would really like to start a routine for grooming my eyebrows, I know that bushier brows are pretty trendy, but my hair is so thick and grows back so quickly I need to find a way that works for me. I have ruled out waxing because (for the millionth time) I have sensitive skin. My mom doesn’t have as sensitive skin as me and always gets super red and breaks out after she gets waxed, my dermatologist had also recommended me not waxing as well. I have thought about trying threading but that intimidates me, so I guess I’ll start plucking once a month or so to keep my caterpillars in shape.

Sun Protection

If you have extremely fair skin like me you probably understand me on this, no matter the SPF, how often I reapply, how much I cover up, not sitting in direct sunlight, limiting my time in the sun: I WILL BURN. Ten times out of ten, if I am outside I will burn I never tan, I just burn. Every year I try to get better but I constantly feel defeated, last year I started wearing hats whenever I was outside for a long period of time. This year I want to take advantage of more makeup products with SPF, finding clothes that cover a lot but still keep me cool, and reducing the amount of dark clothing I wear.
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– Mackenzie