What you wear to an interview is nearly as important as what you say, your appearance is your first impression. The first step in preparing for your interview is figuring out what to wear. Keep in mind, not all jobs require the same dress code, so try to dress as appropriately as possible for the desired job.


As I mentioned above, different jobs require different dress codes so standards for what to wear vary. For a general rule, I would say to dress business casual most of the time. No blue jeans, no t-shirts, no sneakers. Black, white, and gray are often staples in everyone’s closet and the most flattering. Black dress pants look nice on anyone, and a white button down shirt or blouse pair perfectly. If you choose to wear a dress make sure it comes to at least the knee, you want it to have an appropriate length, this is not the time to bust out a mini skirt.


Dress shoes are of course a must and always wear black shoes with black pants. Heels are of course at any woman’s discretion but avoid wearing tennis shoes, flip flops, and sandals. Wear shoes that are comfortable that you can confidently walk in and won’t cause pain if you have to stand or wear them for a long period of time.

Hair and Makeup

My general rule is to style yourself how you would appear to work on a day to day basis. If you are a simple girl and only throw on some powder and mascara, there’s no need to try to do anything extra that you’re not comfortable with. If you are more of a pony tail type of girl, throw a few curls in your hair for some added flair.

Your appearance is important in an interview, but the main focus is to look put together. Make sure everything matches, your hair is brushed and somewhat styled, but most importantly appear as yourself. Go to your interview how you are most confident, the day of your interview is not time to try a new hair style or eyeshadow, appear as you will on a day to day basis at your job.

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– Mackenzie