I have already done three gift guides, but only one of them could possibly work for the man in your life. So if you are spoiled and your man cooks for you, check out Gift Guide: The Foodie but for other ideas keep reading.


Money Clip

A money clip may seem outdated since cash is rarely carried anymore, but a lot of money clips are now also used as a card clip. So instead of carrying a big bulky wallet around, or if your man needs a different spot for a little cash and his most used cards, look in to a money clip.


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Purchasing a scent for Valentines Day is pretty classic, this one is my boyfriend’s favorite and I really love it as well.



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Walking Dead Comic Books

If your significant other loves comic books or the very popular AMC show, this is the perfect gift. I buy my boyfriend two or three for every holiday we celebrate and his birthday, he’s addicted I can’t buy them fast enough!



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Golf Trunk Organizer

If you have a golfer in your life, or someone who needs some organization. This is a great product to help keep their most important items in one place that can easily go from the house, to the car, to the golf course, or where ever.


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If you have a sports fan in your life, I promise you he wants a jersey. So figure out his favorite time or favorite player and splurge. Basic NFL jerseys start under $100.


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– Mackenzie