I decided that once a month I will be giving you an update as to how my resolutions are holding up. I told you in How to Start 2017 Off Right that I’m going to try to stay accountable for my resolutions this year and this could help you as well. Feel free to document your progress along with me.

Eating Better

My boyfriend and I have really cut down how many times we eat out, only once a month. Soda has been completely cut out, we have been watching our calorie and sodium intake. Together we are finding substitutions for more caloric foods such as vanilla Silk instead of coffee creamer and V8 V-Fusion juice instead of soda. We now use pasta made from dried vegetables and we pack lunches to take to work. There are always fresh fruits and vegetables in the fridge and we are implementing more vegetables in to every meal.

Multi Vitamin

As someone who has an iron deficiency, vitamins have always been an important part of my life. This year I wanted to start taking a Multi Vitamin and Rob has taken them with me. So far I have more energy and just feel much better.

Reducing Trash

I always wondered how we produced so much trash for just two people. Honestly we were throwing out more than two trash bags full of garbage a week. I just don’t get how that was possible. One way we have really reduced our waste output is by having a left over night or freezing large quantities of food, this reduces our food spoilage and doesn’t cause us to use a trash bag. If there is any food that we need to toss, we have been utilizing our garbage disposal. I have also stopped purchasing cases of water, we now buy gallons of water but will be changing to a Brita Filter soon. As a result of our efforts, we have cut our trash accumulation in half.

Managing Our Money

We have had a budget for years, but this year we are really trying to buckle down and stick to it. Moving to a different state has thrown a small wrench in our plans, since I have started work again things have gotten easier and we have a clearer path to paying off our debt.

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– Mackenzie