Apparently last month Milka and Oreo released a candy bar together. I hadn’t heard too much about it until I saw it at Walmart one day, so of course I picked it up. The candy bar comes in three sizes: a regular sized one, one that comes in about the size of a Hersey’s bar, and a giant one. It should come as no surprise that I got the biggest one, because I’m an excessive person. I’m honestly not sure if they are all the exact same to be honest with you, I’m planning on trying the smallest one here soon and I can give an update, but to me the smallest candy bar looks like it has more white chocolate filling.

IMG_0410.JPG Milka is a Swedish chocolate but I’m pretty sure the back of the packaging said made in Austria. Moving on, if you asked me to describe what this candy bar tastes like, it is like a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar but wrapped in milk chocolate. That is the perfect description. But here’s what makes it so special, the chocolate completely melts in your mouth. It is so smooth, rich and is not filled with artificial flavoring, it is truly an experience. When they say that this candy bar is big, they aren’t kidding: my boyfriend and I both were eating on it and it still lasted us four or five days.

Guys, I’m telling you to go out and buy this candy bar right now! It is absolutely amazing!