Within the last few years it seems like people were recommending coconut oil for everything. It is a great oil to cook with but it also has beauty and skincare benefits as well. I feel like I have tried all of the various uses for coconut oil so I figured I would give you a run down of the ways that I commonly use coconut oil.

In the Kitchen

Most of the time I use olive oil when I am in the kitchen, but some times when I am baking and a recipe calls for vegetable oil I will substitute for coconut oil. I think it makes the dish so much more decadent and creamy. One of the biggest misconceptions about coconut oil is that is tastes or smells like coconuts, this is not the case at all. It may have a very faint coconut smell but the oil is actually pretty flavorless which allows it to pair nicely when sautéing vegetables as well.

On My Face

Yeah, you read that right. This acne-prone girl puts oil on her face! Every time that I wear makeup, which is at least 5 days a week, I use coconut oil to remove it before my nightly shower. I take a very small amount and I massage it around the face and down the neck to remove any makeup. It takes off waterproof mascara and liquid lipsticks with no effort. As I am removing my makeup, I take whatever is left over on my finger and brush it on to my lashes. Be very careful because if you get any oil in your eye it can cause your vision to become blurry. It may all be in my head, but I feel that since I have started adding coconut oil to my lashes they have gotten longer and thicker. I let it sit for maybe 5 minutes and then remove it with a cotton round and wash the remaining residue off in the shower.

On My Lips

When I am removing my makeup, of course, the oil gets on my lips and it is extremely nourishing. The nights that I apply the coconut oil to my face, I think of it as a quick hydrating mask for my face, lashes, and lips. But if my lips are feeling a little extra chapped I will apply the oil whenever I have the chance. No, it is not the most convenient for travel. But when I am home and need something very hydrating on my lips, I reach for the coconut oil.

On My Body

I normally do not have very dry skin on my body, but every once in a while after I shave my legs can get pretty dry. On days like this I take a very small amount and massage it over my legs. I wake up the next morning with no oily residue and beautifully smooth legs. In the winter I always get dry and cracked knuckles, every night I apply the coconut oil and wake up with major improvement.

In My Hair

If you read Things To Consider Before Chopping Off Your Hair you know that I use to have extremely long hair that could never get enough moisture. One of the tricks I used to grow my hair from my chin all the way down to my tailbone was coconut oil hair masks. I would apply it for 20-30 before I got in the shower once or twice a week, then wash my hair as normal. This helped the hair grow much faster but I continued to do this treatment to nourish my long, dry hair as well.