Of course what you say is important, but it is also about how you say it. With what level of confidence you hold yourself at, and your level of professionalism and politeness are all very important. Yes, manners matter so mind your P’s and Q’s and say, “Thank you.”

The Handshake

Whenever you meet someone new the initial introduction always comes with a greeting and a handshake. If your hands are like mine and sweat when you are nervous, rub your hands on your pants or along the inside of your jacket. Nothing about a sweaty grip says ‘confident’ so try to wipe away any perspiration.


Of course a “Hello, my name is…” as you extend your hand is a classic way to introduce yourself. But take it one step further and try to make a personal connection by asking how their day is going before you get in to the interview process.


Of course keep your head high and shoulders rolled back, most importantly remember not to slouch. Great posture is a good indicator of confidence and shows your comfortable in a stressful situation such as an interview.

Eye Contact

Making eye contact is a very important part all the way from the introduction to the end of the interview. In some instances, your interviewer may be taking notes as you are speaking. Even if it feels they are not paying attention to you, continue to look at them so if they glance up they know they have your full and undivided attention.


When the interview ends be sure to thank them for their time and offer another firm handshake. As you walk away keep in mind that the interview isn’t done just yet, your potential employer is probably watching you walk away to see how you carry yourself.
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– Mackenzie