I decided that once a month I will be giving you an update as to how my resolutions are holding up. I told you in my How to Start 2017 Off Right that I’m going to try to stay accountable for my resolutions this year and this could help you as well. Feel free to document your progress along with me.

Eating Better

I’ll admit this last month has been a little more difficult, we have been eating less vegetables than normal but I am slowly bringing them back in. I started working full time with odd hours and sometimes don’t get off until 9 pm but my boyfriend and I are developing a system. We develop a menu every Sunday to plan out what we will have for supper every night, this allows us to plan ahead crock pot meals and make some foods ahead of time. There are still fresh fruits and vegetables in the fridge for snacking and we are taking our lunches to work so there is no temptation to eat out.

Multi Vitamin

This one has been the toughest for us, I continue to take mine every day but Rob has had to stop taking his because it makes him sick. I’m not sure what is causing his nausea when he take it, but there must be something in the vitamin he is sensitive to.

Reducing Trash

This has been the easiest resolution to stick to, we are continuing to make use of our garbage disposal. I purchased a Brita Filter and take a thermos to work full of water which cuts down the amount of plastic that we used on a daily basis. Another way we have been reducing waste is by washing and reusing our lightly used Ziploc baggies, there’s no need to throw out a plastic baggie that was used to hold 10 baby carrots.

Managing Our Money

This last month we have really been able to reduce our grocery bill, we have finally purchased all of our necessities that needed to be replaced after our big move. I have also developed a spreadsheet that shows a course of action we will be sticking to and as a result will be mostly debt free by October of this year. In addition, I have been saving half of my paycheck and using the other half for my bills and to build up my personal checking account. My goals are motivated by my desire to purchase a new car at the end of this year.

Thanks for reading, guys! I hope you enjoyed this post and find motivation within it, don’t forget to like it and follow before you leave. Look out for new content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!