I have mentioned in a couple of different posts that I suffer from a moderate case of acne. For the most part I have developed a routine that keeps my breakouts to the bare minimum and is pretty manageable. However, every once in a while I will develop a spontaneous breakout that comes from no where and seems to be so intense I am left baffled. Once a month, around that special time, of course I experience a higher level of breakouts. The most recent episode my skin had seemed to be out of the blue, nothing in my skin care routine had changed, I was weeks away from my period, and my diet had stayed relatively the same except for one thing.

About 10 years ago I developed a mild lactose intolerance, mainly I would experience my sensitivity after drinking a glass of milk or eating ice cream. After a couple of years I grew out of it and am now able to indulge in dairy products without any digestive issues. Some habits are hard to break and I generally only buy soy or almond creamer to add to my morning coffee. A week ago I ran out of my creamer and haven’t had a chance to make it to the store so I started adding a splash of milk to my coffee every morning.

I never gave it too much thought, my body can handle small amounts of cheese and ice cream on the rare occasion, so what difference would a couple of tablespoons of milk make? Apparently even the smallest amount of the dairy in its unaltered state has a drastic impact on my skin. I broke out in painful cystic acne all over the lower half of my face. My chin, cheekbones, and jawline were completely covered with both redness and large painful bumps from a couple of tablespoons of milk every day for five days.

At first I couldn’t figure out the issue, I thought I needed to clean my make up brushes or possibly wash my bed sheets. After following through with my normal purge of deep cleaning after an unprecedented break out, my efforts ended with no relief. I started to think and retrace everything I had done over the last week, that’s when it hit me that the milk in my coffee must me the culprit.

I cut it out immediately, the next morning I had my coffee with only sugar and after a full 24 hours my acne had begun to dry up and flake off. It has now been five days since I cut the milk out of my morning coffee and I currently only have three active breakouts. My acne crisis from a week ago has dried up and nearly vanished. As much as I like to pretend that I don’t suffer from lactose intolerance, I guess in a way I still do. My body cannot process or break down the hormones or antibiotics or whatever else is hiding in dairy products and so my body’s natural defense is to break out with severe acne.

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