For two and a half years I worked for a big box retailer, a financially failing big box retailer at that. I started off as a cashier and gradually moved my way around the store and up the ladder until the day I had to relocate. Now I am an assistant manager of a boutique, so it is safe to say I have some opinions on the retail field. This segment is a monthly special I will be putting out, so let me share some more things I have learned.

How to Receive Better Customer Service

Now, I am not here to deny that crappy customer service exists because it most certainly does, but there are ways you can affect the way you are treated by a complete stranger. This not only applies to situations in a retail setting, this can be some advice on how to properly handle situations in every day life.

Do Not Assume You Are Right

Whoever invented the phrase “The customer is always right,” is an idiot. The harsh fact of the matter is that the customer is NOT always right, if the customer was then they would be an employee. In my opinion, this phrase has created a sense of entitlement people think you cannot tell them no because, “The customer is always right”. You want to return something you washed, worn, and purchased two years ago? The answer is no, because in this instance you are not right. Do not get me wrong, I have chosen to not follow rules in order to please customers, but most of the time it has been for our regulars. These are the people who come in often, spend large amounts of money, and in most cases I know by name. I have also not followed rules when the result is only a difference of $20 or less, in the grand scheme of things $20 will not hurt our business and is worth keeping a customer happy.

It’s in the Approach

The employees are hired to enforce rules set by the company, chances are the people you interact with on a store level have zero control in what policies are created. With that in mind, if something does not work in your favor PLEASE refrain from raising your voice or insulting the associate. As I mentioned before, I have bent the rules for certain customers but the second you show a sign of disrespect your chances of me working with you go out the window. In addition, the likelihood of me calling security to escort you out of the store increase dramatically as well. So please, keep it respectful and if your associate denies your request: accept it and move on. If you feel severely wronged, ask for the customer service number to see if they would accept your request or offer a different solution to your problem.

Before You Leave Ask About the Return Policy

In most cases the return policy is printed on your receipt and is displayed at the registers or customer service desk. If you have any specific questions, ask before you leave the store or call before you come in for the return. I know that in some cases unpredictable things happen, but it saves everyone time, energy, and hurt feelings to ask before you drive all the way to the store and possibly don’t get your money back.

Great customer service is in fact, not dead believe it or not. In most cases I have experienced the associate wants the customer to leave happy. Company policies have changed over the years due to the fact that numerous people always look for loopholes and ways to take advantage of the system. There is nothing wrong with asking to speak to a manager, just don’t assume that will fix the problem.

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