In the past I have reviewed the Clarisonic Mia 2: Pretty Penny: Is the Clarisonic Worth it? In that post I told you how I felt, we all know that the Clarisonic is an investment with the initial purchase costing you nearly $170 at Sephora. If you would like to save $20 on this skincare investment, I definitely recommend buying it from Amazon where it is only $149. Buy it Here!

But have I mentioned to you the cost of maintenance? The brush head on the Clarisonic is removable and must be replaced every three months. At Sephora or Ulta you can purchase one replacement head for $27 or a twin pack for $44. The thing about Amazon is that for several different products you can subscribe to them, so every month at the same time you have an order of your monthly necessities delivered to you. If you choose to subscribe to this service you get discounts on the items! So if you subscribe to receive the Deep Pore Cleansing head you are only paying around $18 for one head attachment. Buy it Here!

In addition to the great savings you have on the Clarisonic on Amazon, my favorite facial cleanser to pair with this device is substantially less expensive. I live and breathe by the Philosophy Purity Made Simple facial cleanser. At Sephora a 16 oz bottle costs $36 but on Amazon a 16 oz bottle is only $29! Buy it Here!

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