No one truly loves to clean and that is no secret. That’s not true, some people love to clean and if that’s you please come to my house. With that being said, I’m sure you have the sense that I am not cleanings number one fan so I have developed some tips to alleviate my pain. If you’re on the same page as me, keep reading.

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is my best friend for all baking activities, 9 times out of 10 if it is going in my oven it has parchment paper under it. Cookies, brownies, vegetables, you name it. Anything that might stick gets parchment paper under it so clean up is an absolute breeze.

Washing Dishes

This is my most dreaded chore, even with a dishwasher I still hate feeling wet food against my hand. It is honestly my worst nightmare to touch a chunk of wet BBQ chicken. To help with that issue and to ensure I’m not standing there scrubbing a pan for 3 hours, I always rinse my dishes with hot water. I’m talking scorching hot from the center of the Earth and if it is really stuck on I use the detachable hose to rinse away all of the remnants of food.

Smelly Garbage Disposal

I don’t know what goes down my garbage disposal (and I probably don’t want to know) but sometimes it smells so bad! Yes, I know they make those pellets to put down there and freshen it up. But I forget to grab them when I go to the grocery store. So my solution is to take any citrus fruit such as orange, lemon, or lime and squeeze the juice and pulp down the drain. I swear it freshens everything up and leave your drains smelling lemon-y fresh!

Greasy Pan

We know we can’t put oil down the drain and we’ve all been in the position of standing there for what seems like forever cleaning up oil with a paper towel. My trick for cleaning up any left over oil is sprinkling flour over the top of it. The flour is going to absorb the oil, ball up, and make it easier and less time consuming to clean up completely.

Well guys, there was my lazy girls guide to cleaning up common kitchen catastrophes, let me know if you have any cleaning secrets! 

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