Chapter One

It all started off as a typical Saturday morning. The only thing out of the ordinary was how early I got up that day. The sun had just started to peek through the blinds, the birds were beginning their morning songs and my eyes opened to acknowledge the start of my day. As I made my way down the stairs, I began my daily routine. Step one was cracking windows to allow the morning breeze of late spring make its grand entrance through my home. The peacefulness of the chirping birds, rustling leaves, and the comforting smell of coffee brewing was the perfect start to my weekend.

With all of the extra time I had from starting my morning off so early, I decided to pop open a can of ready to bake cinnamon rolls. Nothing too fancy or complicated because of the fact that the coffee had not kicked in yet, but still a delicious treat. The completely undisturbed moment I was sipping my coffee in as the cinnamon rolls baked away, was so intensely pure I cannot describe it. Which is why the sound of the timer going off to let me know the rolls were done startled me so much. My entire home was filled with a breeze fresh from nature and aromas of two American classics: cinnamon rolls and coffee.

The intense cinnamon smell must have finally made its way upstairs, the floor above me began to creek and I knew what was coming next. With an obnoxious screech the bed room door opened and the two loves of my life began their decent down the stairs. One with a solid, pounding gait and the other had a light, small prance and a little jingle with each step. I knew that my personal time filled with peace and simplicity was over but that was okay with me. No matter how annoying my little family could be, I would not want to spend my days with anyone else.

Robert and I met when I was only fifteen, almost seven years ago at this point. Seven years is a lot of time to get to know someone, there has to be a deep connection for your relationship to not become a mundane day to day activity. Every chance I see him feels like the first day we met and I never take his presence for granted. He makes his grand entrance to the kitchen by making the final step down the stairs, his large figure consumes the doorway to the landing of the staircase. One of the tallest men I have ever met stands before me, with his stance so wide I can barely see Yogi come around the corner.

By appearances we are a group of nothing but pure contrast. Robert, a large man standing over six foot tall, weighing in around two hundred and fifty pounds. Then there is Yogi who is a small ten pound ball of fur, tiny but full of energy, fueled by chicken, and 100% dedicated to us. Lastly there is me, an all-around average woman of average height, average weight with blonde hair and blue eyes, nothing that really stands out in a crowd. Despite being a crew with diverse appearances our unconditional love for each other never ran out and we had bonds to each other that would last beyond a lifetime.

As Robert approached me he released a deep sigh as if he was finally shaking off any remaining drowsiness and greeted me with a peck on the cheek. He took a look at the breakfast I had prepared for us on our rare weekend that we could spend together and smiled. By this point Yogi had already ran to the front door and laid down, patiently waiting to be let outside to do his morning business. Embracing me Robert said, “I’m going to take him outside then I’m coming back in and devouring these cinnamon rolls!” He released me and half jogged to the living room to grab Yogi’s leash and attach him, I watched as he turned the deadbolt and opened the door.

With the door wide open I noticed the sun wasn’t shining through like it should be and Robert was completely stationary. I walked around the corner and in to the living room to investigate, only to find both of our landlords standing in the doorway. Now, there are a few reasons this was bizarre, number one is that the landlords never come together they are co-owners of the property and only one would suffice, number two is that the rental office is closed on the weekends so they would never bother us on their day off. The final reason is their robotic stance, stiff and almost like they were in a trance, oh, and their green glowing eyes, can’t forget their glowing eyes.