I am currently the Assistant Manager of a boutique that specializes in the sales of bras, one of the most common questions I am asked (other than to determine if they are in a properly fitted bra) is what the correct care is for this most delicate of items. The statistic I was given in my training materials is that 70% of women are not wearing bra that is their correct size. I honestly believe that number is much higher, there are tons of factors that play in to the cleaning process of your bra. For people who are skeptical, appropriate cleaning, storing, and wear all effect the longevity of your bra’s life and how they wear over time. So if you have issues with your bras falling apart, underwire snapping, or are unsure what maintenance a bra needs, keep reading.

Wearing Your Bra

Let’s start off with how your bra should fit, if your bra fits properly this will ensure that you are supported and your posture and overall appearance will be enhanced. In addition to what a properly fitted bra does for your breasts it will last longer if you are in the correct size. If you are a DDD squeezing in to a C cup bra, the straps and cups are not designed to hold that much weight and therefore will not last as long. If you are a 38 band size and wearing a 34 band, you will stretch out the bra and will lose all support after only a few weeks.

Your bra should fit snug around your body and shoulders without digging or cutting in to you. The band should lay directly against your skin (under your breasts) all the way around your ribcage and back. The breast tissue should fill up the cup without any bubbling out from any direction and the cup should not cut in to the breast. A properly fitted bra will not have any gapping or sliding as well, this indicates a smaller size is needed.

With a brief summary of a bra fitting covered, lets get in to one of the biggest bra rumors ever: you can wear your bra multiple days in a row. No. No. No. Let’s think about this in a different perspective; you wear the same pair of jeans every day all week long what are they going to look like? Disgusting, right? Holes in it, more worn, unrecognizable stains. You wouldn’t wear any piece of clothing multiple days in a row, why is your bra any different? In addition, as our bodies function throughout the day we sweat. The enzymes in your sweat will break down the elastic in your bra over time which means your band will deteriorate faster and you lose support. I recommend having at least three bras total one to wear, one to wash, one to let rest. You should also give your bra one day to rest after washing and before the next wear so the elastic band and cups can return to their natural state before being worn again.

Cleaning Your Bra

This is a part of your bra care that is completely up to you. I always recommend hand washing your delicates with a mild detergent, but you can also purchase a mesh garment bag to place your bras in and put in the washer. If you choose the last method I recommend hooking your bra together, placing them in the bag, and putting them in the washer with a t-shirt and placing it on the delicates cycle. This ensures that the bras will not get hooked on to or wrapped around anything in the washer that could damage them. The only part of this piece of advice this is not optional is never under any circumstances do you put your bra in the dryer! I personally lay my bras flat on a towel on top of the dryer and let them air dry, you can always hang them on a doorknob, or outside on the line to dry.

Storing Your Bra

Most people fold the cups of their bra inside each other and stick them in the dresser, this is one of the most common mistakes in terms of caring for your bras. This bends your cups and underwire in a way they are not meant to be bent and is the most common reason that underwire pops out. I recommend storing your bras flat with the cups of one bra stacked inside of another or even designating them their own hanger in your closet.

Replacing Your Bra

A lot of people believe that one bra should last them their entire life, unfortunately that is not correct. One $20 bra will not last you a lifetime and neither will one $60 bra. A lot of factors go in to how often you should replace your bras. The care of them (if you follow these tips you will have a longer bra life), how often you wear them, and how many you own. If you own one bra and you wear it every single day and you wash it every other day that bra may last you a month. However, if you own 6 different bras and you hand wash and allow them to air dry, you could go a year or two without needing new bras. The most general answer is one bra will last you 6-9 months if cared for properly and you follow the three bra rule.

We need to start taking care of ourselves, ladies. I know a bra is an investment which is why we need to care for it like one.

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