I have mentioned several times on my page that I struggle with chronic acne and I have struggled with it since my early teens. Speaking from personal experience, acne not only affects your appearance but how you perceive yourself and the thoughts that you have regarding your appearance. Emotionally and physically having acne can be completely draining and exhausting, watching all of your efforts for clear skin fail time and time again gets you down after a while. So in this article I’m going to give you some advice on how to get control of your blemishes and the thoughts surrounding them.

Establish a Routine

You have probably heard countless people talk about the importance of finding a skincare routine that is perfect for you, but it is something that I stand by 100%. It doesn’t have to be an intricate routine with a ton of steps but I recommend having a basic cleanser, a spot treatment for bad break outs, and a moisturizer. Be consistent as it can take up to four weeks for your skin to respond to the new treatment.

Try Makeup

No matter what, no one has a perfect skin day every single day. On the days that your skin just can’t redeem itself there is no shame in using make up to fake it. A green concealer counteracts the redness to make a more neautral appearance. Apply foundation and concealer on top of any trouble areas and set with powder. 

Be Confident

This is the hardest thing I have listed on this article, accepting your flaws is hard for anyone to do but it comes with time. Trust me, there was a point in my life where I never thought I could leave the house without make up on, but now I do. Yes, acne destroys your self esteem but you are your hardest critic. My greatest advice is to never let any insecurity control your life. 

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– Mackenzie