I decided that once a month I will be giving you an update as to how my resolutions are holding up. I told you in my How to Start 2017 Off Right that I’m going to try to stay accountable for my resolutions this year and this could help you as well. Feel free to document your progress along with me.

Eating Better

This last month has been the hardest for keeping our eating on track. Spring is here and work is starting to get really busy, we had spring break hit where most of our associates were gone, and meetings so the store manager was out for a couple of days which left me to handle the store. With all of this going on, cooking a meal is the last thing I want to do after a long day. We fell back in to grabbing fast food a couple of times a week which is not a habit I want to get back in to. I’m going to start planning our meals out better and utilizing my days off so that we have quick and easy meals ready to go.

Multi Vitamin

Rob still hasn’t been taking his multi vitamin and that is fine but I have been sticking to it pretty religiously. If I’m going to be eating Taco Bell for supper I better be taking a vitamin to get some nutrients, right? Well that’s at least how I’ve been looking at it.

Reducing Trash

Unfortunately since we have been eating out more we have upped our trash production pretty rapidly. From the take out bags and components and disposable cups, we are up to two trash bags a week. By cutting out fast food I hope we can get back down to one trash bag a week.

Managing Our Money

Even though we have been eating out we have continued our efforts to cut costs. We have started buying food for an entire month instead of just two weeks at a time, this reduces the amount of times we are in the store impulse buying and also forces us to think ahead and plan what meals we would like to have. I also just found out that the fuel saver program that is in place at our grocery store has saved us almost $90 this year. I want to get better at taking advantage of these savings from now on. We have also started to get several loans and other debts paid off, our finances are really moving in the right direction!

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