I’m always looking for ways to make my time in the kitchen a little less of a hassle. During the hectic weekdays, cooking seems to be a lost art. I’m here to address the annoying things about cooking and coming up with a solution for those issues.

Small Eggshells in Scrambled Eggs

It happens to the best of us. Even when we are so careful and precise, every once in a while a fragment of an eggshell finds its way in to my scrambled eggs. Here is my hack, if you have to whisk an egg for any reason run the egg mixture through a small strainer after its all combined. That will catch any of the microscopic eggshells that are not invited to this egg party.

Pots Boiling Over

This moment while cooking is one of the few circumstances that make my heart stop for a second. You forget your potatoes are boiling in some water and before you know it you hear sizzling and crackling. Now you look over to witness a foaming disaster. Some people claim that if you put a wooden spoon over the pot it will prevent it from boiling over. In some instances this has worked for me, but it seems to be pretty hit or miss. My advice is to remove the pot from heat immediately if you notice it is about to boil over or if it is too late. By taking it off the element you are stopping the heating process immediately instead of turning down the heat and it still boiling over.

Taste Test Meatloaf Mixtures

Everyone loves a good meatloaf or meatball and probably has a tried and true recipe on hand. But if you tend to eyeball it and guesstimate seasonings, its probably a good idea to taste the meat mixture before creating a large loaf, but how? After combining all of your ingredient, take a small pinch of the mixture and pan fry it until cooked all the way through. This gives an opportunity to taste what the final product will be like and make adjustments if need be.

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– Mackenzie