Technically speaking I am a 90’s baby, but being born in 1995 I feel like that claim is fraudulent. Yes I existed in the 90’s but did I live in it? Debatable. In my defense I was born and raised in the Midwest, a region that is almost always at least 5 years behind the major trends. 

With that being said, I have a few requests from the 90’s that I would like to have brought back from the dead. 

1. The Rugrats 

Number one on my list and for the best reason, my favorite cartoon of all time! Rugrats All Grown Up was great, but not nearly as good as the original. Just bring back my original, favorite show that sparked my love for the marvel of television. 

2. Gameboys

I know so many people are going to say, “That’s what phones are for!” But there is nothing that has replaced the feeling of gaming on the go since the Gameboy went out of style. The big, clunky games and extremely fashionable carrying case are bonafide nostalgia. 

3. King of the Hill

Yes, Rugrats is my favorite cartoon of all time but KOTH is in a league of its own. The trials and tribulations of a Texas family never ceases to entertain my most dull days. Hank is a classic dad and I fell like there is a little bit of Bobby in all of us, that’s what sets this animated comedy apart from the rest. 

4. Actually Good Disney Movies

Remember when Disney would actually have good movies? And play them regularly on the Disney Channel? Granted it has been a while since I last tuned in to the Disney Channel, but they certainly don’t make movies like they use to. 

5. Hershey’s Swoops

Yes. They were just chocolate. But much more interesting to eat than your traditional candy bar. One of my go to snacks from my childhood needs to come back!