Have you ever watched your life and it feels like you’re in an out of body experience. You’re observing everything that is unfolding and look down at the people involved and think, ‘Oh those poor people.’

Then you realize that that person you are taking such pity on is yourself? Yeah that’s the kind of week I’m having. How about you? 

Growing up I think most of us are raised that lying is the worst thing you can do. No matter how big or small the fib is, it’s always easier to tell the truth. 

Honesty has been the theme of the week in my world. In my professional life some dishonesty took place and I intervened and shed some light on some inadequacies. Little did I know that was only the surface.

I revealed what I knew thinking that was all to the story, but it wasn’t. Now it’s like I’m watching everything in slow motion and it’s a waiting game for what’s going to happen next.