With every relationship there is give and take and inevitable turmoil. Whether it’s a relationship with your family, your partner, or a work relationship: they can all benefit from these tips. 

1. Equality 

Whoever is involved in this relationship is an equal, no ones needs surpass another’s in importance. Everyone has moments where they become selfish but try to keep in mind that your decisions will affect your relationship as well. 

2. Listening 

If you are having troubles in your relationship, maybe it’s time to step up your listening skills. Are you listening simply to respond? Or are you listening to absorb what the other person is trying to say? Start paying more attention when someone else is talking, analyze their posture, composure and tone of voice to get the full force of what they’re saying to you. 

3. Communication

There needs to be an open line of communication in order for any relationship to work. Ease of discussion free from blame and intense emotions will allow for complete disclosure in a relationship. 

4. Comfort 

You need to feel comfortable coming to your partner with any problem no matter how big or small. On the other hand you need to be that person for your partner as well. You have to be each other’s rock, through all strife you can get through it together.

5. Honesty

This one is a given I hope. Honesty is always the best policy, even if it hurts. If your partner says or does something that hurts your feelings, let them know. How else are they going to know to stop certain behaviors if they don’t know it upsets you? Accepting all of the above tips should create an environment where being honest comes naturally.