The other day I found myself at WalMart wondering around the aisles. Of course something always seems to catch your eye at WalMart. On this particular day I’m not sure if it was the lighting, my undying hunger, or the word bacon but WalMart won this time and I caved. 

I purchased the Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper chips with insanely high expectations in honor of one of my favorite appetizers. It’s safe to say I was not disappointed but I sure was baffled. 

Each flavor stood out, I could clearly taste the spice of the jalapeno, the smokiness of the bacon and last but not least the cream cheese. This bizarre flavor explosion on my tongue both blew my mind as well as concerned me. How can the bacon flavor taste so much like meat? This microscopic dust has the same smoky, salty, delicious flavor as actual bacon. 

All in all I enjoy this purchase and I will eat the remaining bag, but will I repurchase? 

Stay tuned to find out. . .