It started out like any other day. I got up at 6 a.m., made my coffee, washed my face, put on my make up, did my hair and headed off to work. Nothing felt different, nothing was out of the ordinary, it was just a normal day.

After about 30 minutes into my work day I started to feel a little sick so I thought I was hungry because I had skipped breakfast. I went in to the back to get a tangerine out of my lunch bag. As I was walking back to my work station I began to feel increasingly more nauseous and began to snack on my tangerine.

Immediately my mind was dreading the thought of catching this stomach bug that had been going around. I had made it half way through my tangerine when I bent down to pick up a pen off the floor and that’s when it hit me like a truck. All of a sudden I was dizzy and had to sit down immediately, I could feel my face begin to turn pink and I knew the second I stood up I was going to throw up.

I made a run for the bathroom and began throwing up as soon as I reached the toilet and that was the moment I accepted I had the stomach flu. At the same time my boss was walking through the door and says to me, “I suppose you’re going home.” I couldn’t agree fast enough as I gathered up my things and left for the day.

I proceeded to sleep for the next 7 hours only interrupted by one jolt to the bathroom. By the evening when I finally woke up I was still exhausted and not hungry in the slightest. Man this was one terrible stomach flu.

The next morning I felt great. Tremendously better than the previous day, still definitely not my best but I was able to work my entire shift and eat a Subway sandwich for lunch. I showed that 24 hour bug who was boss.

But the morning after that I was right back where I started, only worse. I was waking up in my sleep just to go vomit. I had no clue what to do but knew I had to call in to work. The same symptoms persisted the next day as well, this inspired my first visit to Urgent Care.

I was poked and prodded and asked a million questions. Only to be told it wasn’t viral because I had no fever and it required additional blood work and testing. Wow maybe this is like a MEGA stomach flu.

My symptoms continued for over an entire week of nothing but sleep, no eating, and vomiting every chance I could. By day 8 of this misery I had this crazy thought that I guess I could be pregnant. So I bought a test. And another one. And another one. Four positive tests later and I determined that I in fact did not have the stomach flu.

💙Baby Elias Daniel Taylor coming in December 2018💙