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My Advice: Dealing with Acne

I have mentioned several times on my page that I struggle with chronic acne and I have struggled with it since my early teens. Speaking from personal experience, acne not only affects your appearance but how you perceive yourself and... Continue Reading →


Clarisonic Hacks

In the past I have reviewed the Clarisonic Mia 2: Pretty Penny: Is the Clarisonic Worth it? In that post I told you how I felt, we all know that the Clarisonic is an investment with the initial purchase costing you... Continue Reading →

What’s Causing My Breakouts??

I have mentioned in a couple of different posts that I suffer from a moderate case of acne. For the most part I have developed a routine that keeps my breakouts to the bare minimum and is pretty manageable. However,... Continue Reading →

How I Use Coconut Oil

Within the last few years it seems like people were recommending coconut oil for everything. It is a great oil to cook with but it also has beauty and skincare benefits as well. I feel like I have tried all... Continue Reading →

2017 Beauty Resolutions

Okay, so I'm a little late posting this, like almost a whole month, but I've done some thinking and I definitely have some beauty resolutions for this year. Clean My Brushes More Clean brushes are essential for anyone who uses... Continue Reading →

MorpheXKathleenLights Palette RESTOCKED

In my review of the Morphe X KathleenLights Eyeshadow Palette I told you guys that it was currently sold out but would possibly be restocked, AND IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Don't think about it, just go buy it now and thank me... Continue Reading →

Things To Consider Before Chopping Off Your Hair

About four months ago I decided to cut off my hair, I went from having hair down to my tailbone to a cute asymmetrical shoulder length lob. To say that I love it is an understatement, but the hair decision... Continue Reading →

Gift Guide: The Beauty Lover

You might be wondering why I'm making this guide since beauty retailers seem to have figured out exactly how personal the gift makeup is. If you are not purchasing it for yourself, it may be very hard to know what color... Continue Reading →

My Opinion: Morphe X KathleenLights Eyeshadow Palette

As I mentioned in my last beauty blog post, one of my all time favorite hobbies is watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. KathleenLights is one of those YouTubers that I spend my time waiting around for her to upload a video. What I adore most about Kathleen... Continue Reading →

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