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What Did I Think? 

The other day I found myself at WalMart wondering around the aisles. Of course something always seems to catch your eye at WalMart. On this particular day I'm not sure if it was the lighting, my undying hunger, or the... Continue Reading →


Recipe: Banana Bread

It's your favorite, my favorite, everyone loves a good banana bread!

I'm trying a different layout for my recipes, instead of typing and photographing the step by step process I made a recipe card! 

Kitchen Tips: Hacks

I'm always looking for ways to make my time in the kitchen a little less of a hassle. During the hectic weekdays, cooking seems to be a lost art. I'm here to address the annoying things about cooking and coming... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Tips: Cleaning

No one truly loves to clean and that is no secret. That's not true, some people love to clean and if that's you please come to my house. With that being said, I'm sure you have the sense that I... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Tips: Hacks

Last month I did a similar post where I shared time saving tips for you, this month I want to share some common issues that arise in the kitchen and how to solve them. Making Utensils Nonstick If you are... Continue Reading →

Review: Milka Oreo Crunch Bar

Apparently last month Milka and Oreo released a candy bar together. I hadn't heard too much about it until I saw it at Walmart one day, so of course I picked it up. The candy bar comes in three sizes: a... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Breakfast Sandwich

Let's be honest for a minute, I don't like eggs. I like deviled eggs, but I'm not a big fan of scrambled eggs, omelets, or fried eggs. With all of the flavors on this sandwich, the egg flavor and texture... Continue Reading →

Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl Sunday, one of the many times of the year where we are gathered together by food. The reason that Super Bowl parties are so much fun is because you have a lot of little finger foods, beer, and... Continue Reading →

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