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5 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Relationship

With every relationship there is give and take and inevitable turmoil. Whether it's a relationship with your family, your partner, or a work relationship: they can all benefit from these tips.  1. Equality  Whoever is involved in this relationship is... Continue Reading →


Kitchen Tips: Hacks

I'm always looking for ways to make my time in the kitchen a little less of a hassle. During the hectic weekdays, cooking seems to be a lost art. I'm here to address the annoying things about cooking and coming... Continue Reading →

Interview Tips: Common Questions and Answers

Interviews are possibly one of the most stressful scenarios you can encounter in your adult life. This is an instance where your potentially new boss is judging you, they are judging your character, your appearance, and trying to picture you... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Tips: Cleaning

No one truly loves to clean and that is no secret. That's not true, some people love to clean and if that's you please come to my house. With that being said, I'm sure you have the sense that I... Continue Reading →

What’s Causing My Breakouts??

I have mentioned in a couple of different posts that I suffer from a moderate case of acne. For the most part I have developed a routine that keeps my breakouts to the bare minimum and is pretty manageable. However,... Continue Reading →

Blogging With a Day Job

Most of you probably assume that I have a day job and you'd be correct. I don't make a lot of money from blogging (and it's not about the money anyway) so in order to make ends meet I have... Continue Reading →

Developing a Budget

As I mentioned in my Resolutions Update, I have had a budget for years. This is something that a lot of people can struggle with, so I wanted to share how I developed my budget plan. This is a very... Continue Reading →

How to Start 2017 Off Right

It's time for those New Years Resolutions, people! We all have them, we all start them, and most of us abandon them: but not this year. I'm going to be here to help you (and myself) remain accountable for the... Continue Reading →

Gift Guide: The Foodie

Everyone has got to eat, right? And if you're not the cook in the family then that means someone is cooking for you. Show your appreciation for all they do by purchasing a tool to make their kitchen life a... Continue Reading →

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