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Interview Tips: Common Questions and Answers

Interviews are possibly one of the most stressful scenarios you can encounter in your adult life. This is an instance where your potentially new boss is judging you, they are judging your character, your appearance, and trying to picture you... Continue Reading →


Working Retail: Part III

For two and a half years I worked for a big box retailer, a financially failing big box retailer at that. I started off as a cashier and gradually moved my way around the store and up the ladder until... Continue Reading →

Interview Tips: What to Wear

What you wear to an interview is nearly as important as what you say, your appearance is your first impression. The first step in preparing for your interview is figuring out what to wear. Keep in mind, not all jobs... Continue Reading →

Story Time Video: She Called My Boss?!?

This Holiday Season, please remember to keep a nice level of respect for every person you interact with. Respect shouldn't solely be a seasonal thing, but holidays are stressful for everyone so take the extra time to be patient with... Continue Reading →

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