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Peanut Butter Balls

These are a classic for the holidays, the first time I ever made these was with my mother and I have been hooked on this simple recipe ever since! If you have to choose only one recipe to make this... Continue Reading →


Four Ingredient Cake Mix Cookies

Yes, only four ingredients, you read that right. How can cookies be so fluffy, tender, and delicious with only four ingredients? Let me tell you. I know personally that Santa loves these cookies, but everyone should be able to experience... Continue Reading →

Classic Recipe: Peanut Butter Fudge

What would the holidays be without fudge? A holiday I wouldn't want to participate in, that's for sure! This recipe is a classic and pretty easy too! The hardest part is waiting the two hours for it to set, oh, and... Continue Reading →

Quick and Easy Buttercream Frosting

I've got another quick and easy recipe for you! This frosting pairs perfectly with my Make Ahead Freezer Sugar Cookies and both recipes are ready for the upcoming holidays! You can easily transform this from a vanilla buttercream to any flavor... Continue Reading →

My Take on a Classic: Fried Chicken

Everyone needs a great fried chicken recipe, this is mine. I blended ideas from Ree Drummond and Laura Vitale then added my own touch to create delicious, juicy, crispy fried chicken. Fried Chicken Prep Time: 2 1/2 hours Cook Time: 30... Continue Reading →

Basic Recipe: Garlic Butter

You probably think I'm crazy for considering this a recipe, but to me it is. Garlic butter is a staple in my fridge, mainly because it contains two things that are in almost every dish I make: garlic and butter.... Continue Reading →

Simple and Delicious Homemade Hot Chocolate

Everyone needs a warm drink to get you through the declining temperatures, coffee is nice but I can't have that much caffeine per day and there is nothing wrong with a warm cup of tea. But every once in a... Continue Reading →

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